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Orange County Short Sale 411

OC Metro Magazine and The Distressed Property Institute

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Is a Short Sale Right for You?

  1. Maybe you’ve missed a payment, and you’re considering loan modification.
  2. Maybe you are trying to figure a way to sell your home with minimal negative impact to your credit and future.
  3. Maybe you are worried about the tax consequences of a short sale.
  4. Maybe you just want to walk away, because you are intimidated and/or frustrated by your situation.

If you find yourself in the current mortgage loan crisis, but are unsure of what to do, we can help. We are short sale experts, but we also help many homeowners find the right solution, whether that means a short sale or not. Unlike a lot of short sale agents that you may call or interview, we are not going to pressure you into selling your home. As part of our designation with Program 3648, we are committed to helping homeowners; by giving them educated guidance and options for their specific situation. Should that end up being a short sale, as in some cases it does, we are paid by the lender (not the homeowner). If not, we provide our guidance and service completely free of charge. In the end, we are helping homeowners either way!

There are some very important questions to ask before you make the commitment to a short sale.

  • How will this impact my credit?
  • How do I repair my credit after a short sale?
  • What are the tax ramifications of a short sale?
  • What are deficiency rights?

Be wary of short sale “experts” that lie to you about how long a short sale will take, or how badly your credit will be affected, or what the lender’s rights are, because many will tell you what you want to hear so that they can SELL YOUR HOUSE.

Short Sale Myths:

“My lender will come after me after my short sale is completed.”
“I will be hit with income tax on the deficiency after a short sale.”
“There isn’t any credit impact difference whether I foreclose or do a short sale.”
“Short sales are a hassle and most don’t even close.”
“There is no benefit to me to do a short sale.”

The above statements are absolute myths, but sadly, can be truths if you choose the wrong company to complete your short sale. There are some great real estate agents out there that are great at real estate but inexperienced or incompetent at negotiating a short sale. Likewise, there are some “short sale shops” that are great at negotiating short sales, but lack real estate expertise. OC Short Sale 411 combines superb marketing and real estate experience with unsurpassed success at negotiating and closing short sales.

Please feel free to review our FAQ page to better understand your options and the process.

The “Distressed Homeowner Market” has become a multi-million dollar industry, and there are countless new businesses popping up trying to profit from your distress. It’s important that you research your options with someone that will not charge you for their services. It’s also important that you seek counsel from someone that will help you make the best decision for YOU and YOUR family, not the decision that profits that individual the most.

If you would like to learn about other foreclosure alternatives, go to underwaterhome411.org. This is a non-profit organization focused on community outreach and education. Top industry professionals have come together with a passion to educate homeowners on their options, and help homeowners avoid the many scams and fraud that are so prevalent in this housing crisis.

Our experienced team has received short sale approvals from the following financial institutions: Bank of America, Countrywide, GMAC, Homecomings Financial, National City, Saxon, First Federal, Midland, WAMU, Chase and many more. We are happy to provide the letters of approval as well as the contact information from any of our satisfied clients, so that you may verify our references. We are proud to provide you with these real testimonials from our happy clients…

Nichols Family Photo “To Robyn and the entire OC Short Sale 411 team: No one could ever say you don’t go above and beyond. It is hard to believe we spent 18 months with our previous short sale “expert” Broker and they couldn’t get it done, and you came in and completed the entire process – 2 short sale approvals (one with B of A and one with Wells Fargo), not to mention our HOA lien – in just 42 days, including Escrow!! I was stunned when you obtained our B of A approval in 13 days, and our Wells Fargo approval in just one week, AND you were able to get everything closed before our foreclosure date. We appreciate all of your very hard work and the MANY extra miles you have gone to make sure this happened for us. We are so grateful to you and your team. We know you took this one with all the odds stacked against you but you came through and you have really been wonderful. You truly are great at what you do. Finally we can move on in our lives and repair the damage. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! You have truly been a blessing!”

- The Nichols Family, Mission Viejo

Call us at (855) MY OC 411 (855-696-2411) or send us an email at info@ocshortsale411.com.

National Association of Short Sale Professionals   CDPE - Short Sale and Foreclosure Education   H.R. 3648 designated program representative (Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act)   Equal Housing Opportunity
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